Creating a Distinct Corporate Culture

One of the reasons that many business owners choose to start their own company is the freedom that it
affords them to run a corporation as they see fit. Setting the schedule, choosing the location, establishing
the guidelines and practices are just a few of the perks that draw someone in.

But particularly savvy entrepreneurs know that in the long run their business will benefit greatly from
having a distinct corporate culture that fosters loyalty and hard-work in its employees. It can be difficult
to strike the right balance between strictness and flexibility, but regardless of the path you take
you must adhere to labor laws.

To avoid costly violations of laws and regulations while still designing a work environment that accomplishes
what you want it to, consulting with an experienced attorney is a vital step. Contact the Des Moines
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Quirks and Perks

During the tech boom of the 1990s, there was a radical change in thought process regarding the workplace.
As companies were suddenly flush with more cash than they could ever have anticipated, they chose to
invest in their employees by financing some exceptional office perks. This was also beneficial because
studies have demonstrated that rather than detracting from productivity, these activities can boost
worker morale and output. Some proven successes have involved:

  • Nap Rooms that allow workers to rest and regain focus
  • Fitness Rooms that boost endorphin levels and encourage a healthy lifestyle, resulting in fewer sick
    days and eliminating the need for workers to arrive late or leave early to workout
  • Recreational Competition such as a table tennis match increases blood flow and spurs new thoughts

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