Business Planning Considerations

Successful entrepreneurs all share the characteristic that they are what others would consider to be “driven” people. Intensely motivated to see the realization of an idea for a service or product, or to address an existing social or consumer need, those who start businesses must be deeply committed to whatever it is they are engaged in. Otherwise, they will be prone to the already ample risk of corporate failure. Given the need for a sincere passion, it is easy for a prospective entrepreneur to become carried away with the image of how the future could be at the expense of planning for the nearer present.

Whether this is your first startup or your effort to move into a new arena after already successful ventures have lost their appeal to you, consulting with a skilled and experienced attorney can make the entire process less painful and more well-grounded for accomplishing your goals. Contact the Des Moines business lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. at (877) 327-2600.

Picking the Right Location and Market

Restaurants tend to be taken as the sort of quintessential representation of the small business owner’s dream. Cities are usually teeming with dining establishments that fit a number of different styles of cuisine and varying customer budgets. But it is highly competitive and patrons tend to be highly loyal to their preferred eateries. This serves to underline the need for a prospective business owner to carefully identify the best location for his or her planned enterprise. Key considerations are:

  • How many similar establishments are in the immediate vicinity?
  • Are the businesses in your market performing well or struggling?
  • Does a nearby city offer a more attractive permit rules or less competition?

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