Costly Contract Disputes

There is nothing more frustrating than having a huge project come to a screeching halt because one or more parties has violated the terms of a contract or is alleging that your company has failed to meet its obligations. The best way to reduce the likelihood that this will affect your business’s bottom line is to ensure that the contract contains clear provisions establishing who shall be responsible for what and the penalties that will be levied against any party that breaches the agreement. Taking the appropriate steps at the beginning can save time and money later.

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Commonly Contested Issues

The issues to be covered in a contract will vary dramatically from industry to industry, client to client, and project to project. Though you may be an expert in your field, the demands of crafting a successful contract require a different awareness, approach, and experience. An experienced business attorney can help you ensure that your contract clearly establishes the following commonly contested issues:

  • Delivery/Completion Date – Deadlines matter, and there can be stiff penalties for breaking them.
  • Approval of Work – It should be clear that final payment will not be rendered until satisfactory work is finished.
  • Terms of Payment – The exchange of funds is the primary motivating factor for either your interest or the other party’s, so it should absolutely be clear.
  • Penalties – Clear accounting of the steps that will be taken in the event of a breach.

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