Domestic For-Profit Corporation Filing Fees

Any budding entrepreneur must develop an understanding of both the potential risks and rewards of seeing his or her own vision through if there is any hope for success. Getting a new company off the ground requires substantial time and resources. There are also procedural matters such as filing to incorporate your business and register it with the appropriate entities. The costs can be intimidating as you are just starting out.

The Des Moines business lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., can help you to ensure that you choose the right form of business entity for your operation. We can also help you to file all the attendant paperwork timely and correctly. To learn more by speaking with one of our skilled and experienced attorneys, contact us at (877) 327-2600.

Voluntary and Mandatory Filing Fees

The following list represents a sample of some of the most commonly necessary items and the Iowa filing fees associated with each (as of November 13, 2009) as required by the Secretary of State:

  • Articles of Incorporation — $50.00
  • Articles of Amendment — $50.00
  • Articles of Merger — $50.00
  • Articles of Share Exchange — $50.00
  • Resolution to Adopt Fictitious Name — $5.00
  • Application for Reservation of Name — $10.00

The course that each business runs is different, and the documents that each enterprise will be required to file at some point will vary accordingly. Our Des Moines business attorneys can help you ensure you are following the correct procedures thoroughly and efficiently.

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