Facing Down Fraud and Unfair Trade

There is no way to succeed in business without really trying. Consumer sentiment, economic circumstances, and many other factors have the capacity to sink even well-planned and worthwhile endeavors before they gain their business legs. With such a daunting road to success, the last things that one needs to encounter are fraudulent and unfair trade practices from competitors, colleagues, and other parties with whom you may be involved in business-related transactions.

If you suspect that your company’s efforts and actions have been hampered by these objectionable corporate behaviors, then it may be both appropriate and necessary to consider filing a civil lawsuit against the responsible party or parties. To learn more about the forms of legal recourse that are available to you, contact the Des Moines business lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. at (877) 327-2600 to speak with a skilled and experienced attorney about your case

Examples of Cases We Handle

Given the complexity of doing business in the present day marketplace and all the attendant legal regulations and licensing requirements, there are too many different potential issues to provide a full and exhaustive accounting of all the different types of cases we handle. Some of the most common examples of cases that we handle, however, are as follows:

  • Fraudulent real estate transactions
  • Deceptive marketing, particularly with regard to agribusiness
  • Abuse and misappropriation of construction loans
  • Violation of trade secret and other intellectual property concerns
  • Licensing agreements
  • Trade libel

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The least you deserve in the business world is a fair shot. When you have been denied that, contact the Des Moines business lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. today at (877) 327-2600.

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