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There is a reason that the training required for a person to become a medical doctor is so extensive. The job is among the most important that one can hold in our society. Regardless of whether a doctor pursues a specialized practice or general medicine, he or she has committed a life’s work to helping the sick to recover and the injured to heal. It is a tremendously challenging responsibility on both an emotional and professional level, and it is unfortunately made even more complicated sometimes by the incredibly complex and convoluted healthcare system that exists in the United States.

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Common Healthcare Disputes

Between the patients, insurance companies, state and federal agencies, your employer, medical technology companies, and the others who are involved in the contemporary practice of healthcare, every day becomes a potential minefield for a practitioner. As diverse as this web can become, the disagreements tend to be similar in nature, usually pertaining to money or quality of care. Commonly, these disputes center upon:

  • Reimbursement to providers for services rendered
  • Crafting and enforcement of independent contractor agreements
  • Compensation disputes
  • Formal investigations by Medical Board Examiners

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