Hiring Practices to Avoid

The employment cycle of an individual with a particular company is generally a five-step process. There
is the initial application for a position, the review and interview, hiring, then the commencement of
employment until termination or resignation. Although in the pre-hiring phase a prospective employee
is not bound in any way to the company, a business can still be subject to legal repercussions if there
are charges of illegal hiring practices. The law explicitly bans the consideration of certain protected
traits and characteristics in the evaluation of a candidate’s suitability for hiring.

If you are approaching the point that you will need to consider taking on additional staff, then it
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Prohibited Actions

It seems like it would be self-evident that a job applicant should be chosen based on the merits of
his or her application and in-person interview. But sometimes there are unintentional biases that play
out even when an employer or hiring agent does not have any malicious intent. To help avoid costly legal
entanglements, it is important that you maintain an active awareness of your conduct and evaluative

Some prohibited actions include:

  • Screening Applicants Based on Name
  • Rejecting Applicants Due to Apparent Religious Affiliation
  • Targeting Your Search in a Non-Diverse Pool
  • Rejecting Applicants Based on Home Ownership or Rental

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