Knowing When to Say When

The creation of a new business is one step on an exciting and occasionally maddening journey for an
entrepreneur. Prior to the actual founding of a company, there is a considerable amount of physical,
mental, and financial capital expended to develop and refine a concept for a service or a product idea
from its rough early stages into a marketable commodity. Once the doors open, success may follow. Or
it may not. Though no business owner wants to consider the possibility that his or her project has failed
to gain a foothold, there are some circumstances in which the reality simply cannot be avoided.

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Warning Signs

Part of the risk that an entrepreneur takes when he or she tackles a new business venture is in the
sheer number of variables that are entirely beyond any one person’s reach of influence and control.
Environmental disasters, economic downturns, and shifts in consumer sentiment and taste can render an
idea that would have been wildly successful under normal or earlier conditions a sudden mismatch for
the marketplace.

It can be tempting to scramble for a solution even when it appears that all reasonable steps have been
taken, but if you observe the following warning signs, it may be in your best interest to direct your
attention to a new project:

  • Financing has been exhausted repeatedly
  • The only viable option appears to be acquisition by a larger company at little value
  • Filing for bankruptcy feels like a necessity to salvage any semblance of operation
  • You have lost interest in addressing the existing problems

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