The Leading Fields of Employment

Technological innovation and a changing business landscape lead to an ever-changing entrepreneurial
reality. The success of an industry waxes and wanes over time as its products become more or less desirable,
or in some cases completely obsolete. Railroad enterprises, for example, were an almost unsinkable endeavor
throughout much of the 19th and early 20th century, but the advent of the automobile, trucking, and
air transportation rendered it less useful. The manufacturers of film for photographic cameras have
witnessed the rise of digital pictures as they have been driven out of the market.

Understanding the current state of industry is a priceless asset for a new small business owner, or
for someone who is trying to decide what his or her next move will be. The 2006 data collected from
county level business reports according to the structure established in the North American Industry
Classification Codes offers a reasonable starting point. For all of your small business questions and
legal needs, contact the Des Moines business lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., at (877) 327-2600.

2006 Employment Facts

To give some perspective on the general distribution of the economic force and employment opportunity,
it is useful to review at least two significant factors: the number of persons employed and the total
payroll expenditure for those employees. The five leading industries according to the report, in terms
of total employment were:

  • Health Care and Social Assistance – 16,451,361
  • Retail Trade – 15,767,866
  • Manufacturing – 13,631,683
  • Accommodation and Food Service – 11,381,226
  • Administration, Support, Waste Management, and Remediation – 10,003,626

The 5 industries with the highest average salary, calculated using figures for total payroll and total
employment were:

  • Management of Companies and Employees — $91,323.90
  • Utilities — $77,621.08
  • Finance and Insurance — $72,361.56
  • Mining — $67,629.20
  • Information — $62,797.87

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