Non-disclosure Agreements

For many businesses, secrecy is a primary and ongoing concern. Proprietary information about sales methods, production processes, research data, financial circumstances, and other key details pertaining to operations and corporate structure are highly sensitive. To prevent competitors and other persons who should not have access to such knowledge from gaining it through inappropriate means or the malicious intent of a scorned employee, many companies find that their interests are served by having workers and others sign non-disclosure agreements.

Non-disclosure agreements are legally binding documents that expressly prohibit the transmission of specified information to other parties. If they are clearly written and do not impose unreasonable restrictions then it is likely that they will accomplish the intended goal. Otherwise, they may both fail to secure the sensitive information and expose you to drawn out litigation. Contact a Des Moines business lawyer of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., at (877) 327-2600 for help in crafting the right agreement for your situation.

Important Elements of a Non-disclosure Agreement

The surest way to lead your company astray with a non-disclosure agreement is to fail to include all of the essential and pertinent restrictions and items. There are some elements that will be common to all non-disclosure agreements, and there are others that will be much more tailored to the unique needs of the company involved. Some things to be firmly and clearly identified in the agreement include:

  • Parties agreeing to the terms
  • What will be considered to be confidential
  • The length of time during which confidentiality must be maintained
  • The length of time during which the document will be considered binding
  • Any instances in which disclosure may be permissible

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