Premises Liability: What Every Business Owner Should Know

As a business owner, your customers play many important roles in your life. They are your source of income, and the audience you must win over. In personal injury legal terms, they are also known as business invitees. This means that by opening your business to the public, you are inviting anyone who wishes to conduct business to enter it. By doing so, you are taking on certain responsibilities.

Under the law, business invitees are entitled to a high level of safety. If you fail to ensure that the premises of your business are reasonably free of foreseeable threats, you could be held liable for any injuries your customers suffer. For more information about the law, or legal representation in a civil case, call the Des Moines business attorneys of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. at (877) 327-2600.

Liability and You

It may not seem fair, but business owners can be liable for many different kinds of injuries that customers suffer on their property. Even if you have not intentionally committed an act of negligence, you are expected to know about and prevent potential risks at your business location. For example, your company could be liable for injuries like:

  • Trips and falls. These injuries are one of the most common causes of premises liability lawsuits. Your business location must be kept free of slippery puddles, clutter, and other dangers that could cause fall injuries.
  • Assault. You are also expected to know the risk of crime near your business location and take reasonable steps to prevent it. If you fail to provide a reasonable level of security, like adequate lighting and security guards, you could be sued by a customer who has been assaulted.
  • Defective equipment. You need to make sure that any machinery at your business, such as elevators or automatic doors, is correctly installed and maintained. Neglected equipment could cause injuries and create legal problems for you.

Of course, there are situations in which a business cannot be liable for customers’ injuries. For example, a customer who knowingly engages in dangerous behavior may not have grounds for a lawsuit. Our experienced Des Moines premises liability attorneys can explain more about your legal rights.

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