Privacy Policies and Customer Information

The online marketplace is ever expanding. Beyond that, companies that are not explicitly engaged in
the sale of goods but who collect information from the members of their web sites are becoming almost
omnipresent. Though privacy notices and data security policies are not yet explicitly covered by the
law, some provisions of the Federal Trade Commission Act are applied to these disclosures. As more sensitive
information becomes transmitted through and stored in cyberspace, the necessity of strict enforcement
of these policies grows.

It can be difficult to know what steps your business must take in this as yet unformed area of the law,
but there are some definitive requirements to which your company must adhere. Not only is a strong privacy
policy a key component of persuading users to engage with your web enterprise, but it sets forth your
own internal corporate guidelines regarding this data. Contact the Des Moines business lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., at (877) 327-2600 for the help your company needs.

Important Components of a Privacy Policy

The kind of information that is necessary and appropriate for a business to gather will depend largely
upon the nature of the transaction. The most important element, however, is that the company is forthright
about how it:

  • Collects and stores information
  • Uses the information that it compiles
  • Will respond to any breach of security measures

The Federal Trade Commission offers some helpful hints that businesses can consider when they are working
on assessing and improving the security of their customers’ personal and confidential data. It suggests
that you proactively:

  • Review the data that you have collected in all media, paper and digital
  • Identify that which is essential to your function
  • Store necessary information securely and with considerable thought
  • Dispose of the rest of the data through the proper mechanisms
  • Institute a formal plan to address security concerns and ensure that all employees adhere to it

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