Recruiting Strategies

The old adage goes that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and this is something that a small business owner should take to heart when considering applicants for a new or open position. Recruiting and hiring the right employees for your company is an essential component of growth and development, and it involves a number of distinctly separate phases. There is a tendency for managers and owners initially to dedicate a lot of their focus to the review of resumes and to crafting interview strategies, but unless you are casting the net of your search broadly enough to draw the interest of the employees whom you would wish to hire, those efforts are not terribly helpful.

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The Importance of Knowing Where to Look

As your company grows and its name recognition extends farther and deeper into the public consciousness, you will find that industrious people begin to seek opportunities. After all, success tends to attract successful workers. During the early years, though, you may discover that it requires some luck and some serious effort to locate and identify the best. Broader searches are more likely to yield results, so consider the following:

  • Online job listing sites
  • College and university career services databases
  • College and university recruiting fairs
  • Newspaper classified advertisements
  • Networking parties and local meet-up groups

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