Small Business Funding

Sometimes the only thing that stands between a great idea and a successful business is the lack of access to the financial resources necessary to implement and distribute that idea or product in the marketplace. This is an obstacle that faces virtually every new business venture, and the ability to navigate the economic realities of your company’s earliest phases is essential to enabling future opportunities. Fortunately, there are grants, loans, and other means of financial assistance available to help Iowa small business owners see their dreams through to fruition, and being aware of the different avenues through which you can pursue these resources is highly advisable.

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Potential Sources of Small Business Help

In an effort to help simplify the process for you, we have listed below several potential sources of small business financial assistance or further information on the subject. It can seem nearly impossible to sift through business books or Internet search results to find useful information, and we understand that time may be your most precious commodity so we want to save you as much as of it as possible.

For more information about small business funding opportunities, the web site of the United States Small Business Administration contains information and guidance pertaining to:

  • Guaranteed loan programs
  • Bonding programs
  • Venture capital

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