Starting a Business: A Bigger Job than You Think

During the early phases of developing, opening, and running a small business it can often seem like there is an overwhelming number of apparently minor details of which you must keep an accurate account. Obtaining the appropriate certifications, licenses, and permits from professional organizations and municipal governments represents only a small portion of your responsibilities as a small business owner.

Add into the mix the demands made by your commitment to customer service, product development, the hiring of employees, and other important components of success, and it quickly becomes apparent that without careful oversight and attention to detail, your venture could stumble before it gets out of the gate.

Consulting with an experienced legal professional can help you to avoid costly mistakes that could unnecessarily complicate your efforts to grow a new business. Contact the Des Moines business lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. at (877) 327-2600 to discuss your present situation and vision for your company’s future

Important Considerations

Obviously the specific legal issues pertaining to a business will depend largely upon the nature of the business and its organization. Despite that, however, there are several elements that are likely to remain fairly consistent across industries and so are fit to be addressed in a general way here. Some of the important considerations that are nearly universal are:

  • Ensure that you speak with an attorney about the full range of tax implications for your business
  • Speak with an attorney to ensure that you are aware of all the local rules and laws that affect your operation
  • Consult with an attorney about relevant human resources and intellectual property concerns

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