Uniform Commercial Code

The United States has a somewhat unique national structure in the context of the rest of the world. It is comprised of many different, functionally independent states that have the authority to enact their own laws on a variety of matters. For a long time the confusions brought about by differences between federal and state regulations had the potential to greatly complicate business transactions at all steps of the production and sales process. To simplify the matter, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) was created to govern the conduct of business throughout all 50 states.

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Some General Provisions of the UCC

As one would expect from a massive code intended to cover the majority of trade throughout the United States, Article 1 of the UCC attempts to address some of the broader issues and concerns before delving into specifics in the later portions of the code. Some of the most notable general provisions establish the following:

  • The parties involved in a transaction can decide which relevant state’s laws they will use to resolve a dispute
  • The remedies afforded by the Act are to be made available to all parties who have a legitimate grievance
  • A party taking action can withdraw its claim with a written and signed statement to that effect
  • Any judicial finding that renders part of the UCC invalid shall only restrict the application of that portion

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