Pilots dispute over contracts, ask judge to settle

The airline US Airways has asked a federal court to solve a dispute between pilots in the airline.

The carrier is based in Arizona and filed the legal action in a U.S. District Court to solve a contract issue between 4,000 pilots after the merger of America West and US Airways nearly five years ago.

The union of the airline’s pilots did not agree with the move, but the pilots association said that the court should have no jurisdiction on the contract dispute. The dispute involves seniority of the pilots which is important because it changes their schedules and pay.

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Facebook faces ownership dispute

Facebook will continue to be up and running even though there is a dispute over who the real owner of the company is. Until June 30 there was a order issue to stop asset transfers.

A man is suing the current owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, for a contract that written in 2003 that stated that Zuckerberg would write and design a website. The man is now claiming that he owns 84 percent of the company.

His lawyers state that they have the contract and it is clear cut. Attorneys for Facebook are arguing that the man sat on the contract and it ended in 2004. They are stating that he should not be permitted to the portion of the company all of a sudden.

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Iowa cracks down on identity theft and fraud

The Iowa Court of Appeals ruled that a person who uses false identification to commit a fraudulent act can be found guilty of identity theft.

This court decision was decided after a man who was an illegal immigrant used a California woman’s identification number and was caught by authorities.

The state law goes against the federal law in stating that the identification that is being used must only belong to another person and that it was being used to commit fraud. The federal law states that the person caught using the identification must know that it belongs to another person.

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Cosmed Group, Inc settles dispute

Cosmed Group, Inc settled a patent dispute against Napasol AG. Cosmed Group filed a suit against Napasol for infringement of its patent rights.

Cosmed Group, a leader in steam pasteurizing was awarded a United States Patent in 2004 for their natural vacuum and steamer. In exchange for the settle, Napasol will license the Cosmed products.

An official from Cosmed has said that he the company is ready to put the dispute behind them and they are happy that they are receiving acknowledgment for their patented items.

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