Green Plains Renewable Energy Inc., announces plan to sell

Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc. has announced that it plans to sell a large portion of its Convertible Senior Notes.

The interest rates, conversion rates and offering price have not been determined and will be negotiated between the company and the purchasers.

The proceeds from this sale will be used for general corporate purchases or possible a short-term investment grade. Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc. is the country’s fourth largest ethanol producer with an operating capacity of almost 657 million gallons.

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Fox/Cablevision dispute creates stir over loss of programs

A dispute between Cablevision and News Corp., the owner of Fox 5 television station, has created a stir because of the loss of the Fox 5 and My9 programming from their cable list.

On Sunday, many people who wanted to watch the football games were forced out of their home and into local bars because they no longer have access to that station.

Customers who receive cable in that area do not want their rates to go up so they are forced to leave their home and watch games and other programs on the station somewhere else. Politicians are now stepping in to try and resolve the issue and work on a new negotiation.

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Taylor Swift involved in contract dispute

A music manager is claiming that Taylor Swift owes him millions of dollars because he discovered her, signed her and played an integral part in starting her career and then Swift left and signed with Big Machine Records.

The man is claiming that he had a contract with Swift and her parents that he be paid 5 to 10 percent commission from Swift’s music career and he claims that they fired him after she signed with a major record to avoid paying him.

The Swifts have said that the man did not get the required court approval for the management of a minor and she legally disaffirmed the deal in 2005. This dispute has been going on under the radar since 2007.

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Couple to plead guilty to embezzlement and fraud

A Des Moines couple will plead guilty to charges of embezzlement and fraud, but their defense will probably be using the mental health issues  of the women in order to reduce their sentences.

The defense will be using the woman’s dissociative identity disorder and claim that it lead to the criminal behavior. The couple embezzled and spent nearly $6 million from Aviva USA. The other women will be using her bipolar disorder as the cause for her actions and the sentencing for the two women will be Jan. 21.

One woman faces a maximum of 48 years in prison plus fines of up to $1.75 million for pleading to six counts such as computer fraud, wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, and money laundering. The other woman faces 25 years of prison and fines of $750,000 for pleading guilty to 2 counts of conspiracy to money laundering and spending money that was obtained unlawfully.

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