Casey's General Stores purchases Kalbredlo's

Earlier this month, Casey’s General Stores announced the purchase of 44 Kalbredlo’s locations.  The company signed an asset purchase agreement to acquire 22 Kalbredlo’s stores in Nebraska, 21 in Kansas and 1 in Oklahoma.

The Iowa-based convenience store will convert all Kabredlo’s locations into Casey’s General Stores.  President and CEO of Casey’s, Robert Myers, stated, “The acquisition of the Kabredlo’s locations is an excellent fit to our existing store base and will add to our presence in Nebraska and Kansas as well as allow us to penetrate a new state”.

Company executives report that they expect transactions between the two businesses to end in December.  To officially end transactions, both companies are waiting for receipts of inspection and other regulatory approvals.

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Judge approves of Chicago construction company's contract

This week, an Iowa judge approved a construction contract presented by a Chicago construction company for the building of a new maximum-security prison to be build outside of Fort Madison.  The judge upheld a previous decision from the state to allow a $116.9 million contract with Walsh Construction.

Walsh Construction’s contract came under question from an Des Moines construction company, the Weitz Co., and a construction trade company, Master Builders of Iowa.  The two companies accused Walsh Construction of turning in incorrect bidding forms when establishing its contract.

Officials have not said whether or not the Iowa construction companies will once again appeal the decision.  Construction on the prison is currently scheduled to end in the summer of 2013.

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Perfection Learning purchases Seattle publisher

The Des Moines publisher, Perfection Learning, recently purchased another publishing company out of Seattle, Oregon.  Perfection Learning publishes language arts text books and materials for kindergarten through 12th grade classes.

The company announced on Monday that they had signed a deal to purchase Seattle-based Kinetic Books.  Kinetic Books publishes digital science and math textbooks.  Company executives have not released details or the price of the sale.

Both companies had been in negotiations over the sale for some time.  Purchasing a business requires significant planning and agreement over several details between companies.  Contact the Des Moines business sale and purchase lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. at (877) 327-2600 to learn more about the legal process of purchasing a business.

What is business litigation?

Business litigation occurs when a business dispute arises and it can not be resolved through negotiation. Business litigation occurs when a person or business entity has a legal issue with another business entity.

Infringement on a patent, intellectual property, and copyright are all examples of a situation where business litigation may be needed. Concerns with finances, such as unethical broker behavior,  and investments are also legal issues that arise that can be very complicated to work through.

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