North Grand Mall in commercial lease negotiation

The North Grand Mall is in the middle of negotiations with two major anchor stores on commercial lease deals.  The mall’s developer, GK Development, secured their third six-month extension for negotiations.  Ames City officials are trying to help negotiate the deals and suggested that GK offer the potential tenants incentives to sign a lease with them.

While the two potential tenants’ names have not been released they are said to be “well thought of in the community” and one would require tearing down and building a new location south of Sears.  City Councilman Jami Larson said of the lease negotiations, “There are two tenants that we have in mind that would be incentivizing…if these two tenants come in, we jumpstart life back into the mall.”

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Several new businesses open in Indianola

According to the DesMoines register, several new businesses recently opened in Indianola.  The most notable business formation was Poindexter Flooring’s move into the former Homes Chevrolet car dealership located just north of Indianola.  Poindexter Flooring executives describe the company as a “full service commercial flooring contractor”.  The new location allows the business’ office and warehouse to be in the same place.

Other new businesses in the Indianola area included a Casey’s General store, several salons and spas, and a weight loss studio.  Several hair stylists and cosmetologists came together to form their own salons including Tossled Salon, One-Eightly Salon and Spa and N.Y.U.T. Clothing and Salon.  The weight loss studio, Affordable Elegance, is an individually owned business that uses an infared sauna and toning tables to facilitate weight loss.

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December home sales up in Des Moines

Last month, home sales in Des Moines were up by 26 percent from a year earlier.  451 homes were sold in December 2009 and 568 were sold in December 2010.  Also, the average home sale price rose by 2 percent and pending sales decreased by 1 percent.

In December 2010, the average home sale price in Des Moines was $163,002 and the average home stayed on the market for 113 days.  There were 5,125 homes listed for sale in Des Moines last month, up by 3 percent from December 2009.

Data shows that the average home buyer in Des Moines spent 1.4 times the amount of their annual income on homes in the third quarter of 2010, while the average home buyer nationwide spent 2.4 times the amount of their annual income.

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ISU purchases veterinary hospital

Upon approval by the Iowa Board of Regents, Iowa State University will purchase Iowa Veterinary Specialties in Des Moines.  The university announced their plans to purchase the emergency and specialty care hospital yesterday.  The purchase will join the IVS as a part of ISU’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Officials say that the college’s current medical center, Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center, and Iowa Veterinary Specialties will continue to operate separately and will remain in their current locations.

“The timing is right for creating this affiliation.  Our hospital has grown considerably throughout its 30-year history and is well positioned for future growth.  Iowa State can help IVS recognize its potential much sooner than would be otherwise,” said one of the founders of IVS.

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Des Moines’ Principle Financial Group sues for trademark infringement

Des Moines-based Principle Financial Group is suing Las Vegas-based Principle Financial Resources for trademark infringement.  Executives from Principle Financial Resources told reporters that they had never heard of the Des Moines insurance group.

Principle Financial Group was formed in 1985 from Bankers Life.  The company went public in 2001, operates in several countries and has around 14,400 employees.  Principle Financial Resources was named in 2009 after being under the accounting firm Deloitte & Touche from 1994-1998.  The company works to help its clients reduce expenses by analyzing their financial data and has about 125 employees.

In the lawsuit, Principle Financial Group says that they have invested close to $1 billion in advertising, marketing and trademarking to protect their title.

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