Electric car-maker accused of fraud

Gabus Auto Distributors, owned by car dealer Gene Gabus, is currently being accused of business fraud and breach of contract related to the manufacture of electric cars.  A former business partner out of Webster City has filed suit against the company claiming they fraudulently misrepresented themselves and failed to provide him with the tools necessary to enact the duties of his contract with the company.

Gabus had contracted a subsidiary Eagle Manufacturing out of Webster City to make 2,500 of their Electric Motor Cars every month beginning last summer.  Eagle Manufacturing’s owner Joe Fleming says that Gabus and his company charged him $500,000 for manufacturing rights, but never provided the information or parts necessary to fulfill the terms of their contract.

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Johnston condo owners sue development

12 condominium owners filed a lawsuit last Monday after the Providence Point condo development in Johnston was foreclosed.  The lawsuit alleges that Brent Haverkamp, owner of Haverkamp properties, including the Providence Point condominium complex, and Two Rivers Bank and Trust committed breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty.

The foreclosure and lawsuit came after the condo’s original owner, Regency Homes, was unable to continue running the complex in April 2008.  Haverkamp took control of the Providence Point property and converted it into an apartment complex.  Two Rivers provided development loans and financing.  Since Haverkamp became owner, residents at Providence Point have been unable to refinance their mortgages because of Federal National Home Mortgage regulations.

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Business partners sue over West Glen Town Center

Gary Kirke and Bill Van Orsdel, friends since childhood and long-time business partners, are engaging in a business dispute lawsuit over the West Glen Town Center.  The town center, located in West Des Moines, has been struggling with debt and property vacancies.

The two entrepreneurs formed Kirke Van Orsdel Insurance Agency in Des Moines in 1974.  Their business grew to include 10 regional offices and more than 10,000 clients.  After the town center started struggling, Kirke and Van Orsdel began to realize that they weren’t seeing eye to eye one how it should be managed.

Kirke sued Van Orsdel after a year of fighting over the property.  The lawsuit alleges that Van Orsdel committed breach of contract, fraudulent nondisclosure, conversion of company resources into his own and unjust enrichment.  Van Orsdel insists that Kirke’s allegations are “replete with half truths, mischaracterizations, and outright falsehoods.”

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House File 111 approved in House

Last week, the Iowa House of Representatives approved bill House File 111 and effectively made Iowa residents able to ignore the federal government’s healthcare insurance mandates.  One representative that voted for the bill, Lance Horbach, stated, “This bill deals with the federal government impeding upon states rights and individuals rights.  We have the ability, the sovereign ability in the state of Iowa and as legislators representing the people to make that decision.”

The bill would allow Iowans to opt out of the federal healthcare that goes into effect in 2014.  Proponents of the bill say that those who opt out will be covered by a law that prevents healthcare insurance companies from denying coverage.  House File 111 passed with a 59 to 39 vote and will now be considered in the Senate.

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