Iowa State files business misconduct suit against veterinarians

Posted on Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 at 7:57 pm    

Last week, Iowa State University filed a business misconduct lawsuit against three former employees of their veterinary hospital, Iowa Veterinary Specialties.  Iowa Veterinary Specialties was formerly a nonproft hospital, but the university purchased it in January as a place for veterinary students to be able to work with experienced veterinarians.

The suit claims that three doctors and an operations managers stayed with the veterinary center after the university purchased it, but planned to later separate to start a competitor veterinary hospital, Iowa Veterinary Referral Center. ¬†Officials from ISU claim that the new veterinary center diminishes the value of the school’s purchase of the Iowa Veterinary Specialties center earlier this year.

Moreover, court documents allege that the employees left the veterinary clinic on the day the sale was finalized with Iowa State and only after they were able to obtain confidential information on the clinic’s finances and customers.

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