USDA to develop Iowa agribusiness

Bill Menner, state director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development, will be traveling all over the state to promote his Rural Issues Listening Post project.  Menner will visit several small towns in Iowa to meet with community leaders, economic development officials, and city residents to discuss ways to develop agribusiness and make rural Iowa into thriving part of the state.

According to the department, more than half of Iowa’s 950 cities have fewer than 500 residents.  The USDA Rural Development manages more than 40 loan and grant programs to help rural economic development through housing, business, and other community programs.  Last year, about 180,000 acres in Iowa were used for agribusiness and planting, an increase from the 145,000 acres utilized in 2007.

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Iowa egg farm to return to stores after salmonella outbreak

Several months after a salmonella outbreak at several Iowa egg farms, the farms have been given permission to return their products to retail stores.  The outbreak of salmonella resulted in a recall of millions of eggs from retail store across the country and was considered the worst case of salmonella in the history of the country.

After investigators traced the bacteria to the Iowa egg farms, officials found that most farms were not following all the standard regulations related to the handling and farming of eggs.  Chickens had become infected with salmonella from improperly stored feed.  The outbreak was taken very seriously by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as salmonella can be fatal for infants and the elderly.

Upon further review, the FDA recently determined that the Iowa farms had taken the necessary steps to correct their mistakes and now properly follow industry regulations.

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