Elliot Sadder Files Breach of Contract, Unfair Trade Lawsuit

NASCAR driver Elliott Sadler has filed a breach of contract lawsuit against his former employer for failure to pay past salary owed.

According to North Carolina Superior Court documents, the Nationwide Series points leader is seeking $10,000 in damages for breach of contract; $10,000 to prevent the defendant’s unjust enrichment, and $10,000 or more to be determined at trial for unfair and deceptive trade practices. Sadler filed the lawsuit against Richard Petty Motorsports after, he claims, the company refused to make an April payment because he violated a non-solicitation clause in their separation agreement.

According to the lawsuit, Sadler was accused of violating the clause for allegedly influencing Haunts Brothers Pizza, which sponsored his Sprint Cup car at Richard Petty in 2010, to join him and Kevin Harvick in the Nationwide and Truck Series at Kevin Harvick Inc. this season.

Sadler is requesting a jury trial.

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$15 Million Breach of Contract Lawsuit Filed Against Nancy Grace

Television personality Nancy Grace has been named in a breach of contract lawsuit filed by a former colleague.

The lawsuit was filed by Patricia Caruso last month in the Supreme Court of New York. According to the complaint, Caruso and Grace started developing a television series in early 2008. Caruso claims that Grace committed to cooperate in the development of the series, called “Grace’s Cases,” and promised not to proceed unless Caruso was retained and credited as an executive producer.

The lawsuit claims CBS mad Grace an offer to shoot a pilot for the show in May 2009, after months of network pitching under Caruso’s direction. According to the lawsuit, CBS sold the series, now called “Swift Justice With Nancy Grace,” in October 2009. In the Spring of 2010, however, the lawsuit alleges Grace signed on to host the series without Caruso as executive producer.

Caruso is seeking $15 million in damages, in addition to court costs.

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Business partners sue over West Glen Town Center

Gary Kirke and Bill Van Orsdel, friends since childhood and long-time business partners, are engaging in a business dispute lawsuit over the West Glen Town Center.  The town center, located in West Des Moines, has been struggling with debt and property vacancies.

The two entrepreneurs formed Kirke Van Orsdel Insurance Agency in Des Moines in 1974.  Their business grew to include 10 regional offices and more than 10,000 clients.  After the town center started struggling, Kirke and Van Orsdel began to realize that they weren’t seeing eye to eye one how it should be managed.

Kirke sued Van Orsdel after a year of fighting over the property.  The lawsuit alleges that Van Orsdel committed breach of contract, fraudulent nondisclosure, conversion of company resources into his own and unjust enrichment.  Van Orsdel insists that Kirke’s allegations are “replete with half truths, mischaracterizations, and outright falsehoods.”

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Fox/Cablevision dispute creates stir over loss of programs

A dispute between Cablevision and News Corp., the owner of Fox 5 television station, has created a stir because of the loss of the Fox 5 and My9 programming from their cable list.

On Sunday, many people who wanted to watch the football games were forced out of their home and into local bars because they no longer have access to that station.

Customers who receive cable in that area do not want their rates to go up so they are forced to leave their home and watch games and other programs on the station somewhere else. Politicians are now stepping in to try and resolve the issue and work on a new negotiation.

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DEP will try to mediate business disputes before going to court

A new program is in the works at the Department of Environmental Protection to mediate business disputes between the DEP and other companies, such as land developers, before going to court.

The new program, called the Office of Dispute Resolution will be helping the DEP avoid the lengthy court process by having two sides deliberate behind closed doors.

The department will be lead by a woman who has spent most of her 24-year career negotiating settlements. Disputes that will be mediated are compliance issues, fines, land use permits and more.

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