Electric car-maker accused of fraud

Gabus Auto Distributors, owned by car dealer Gene Gabus, is currently being accused of business fraud and breach of contract related to the manufacture of electric cars.  A former business partner out of Webster City has filed suit against the company claiming they fraudulently misrepresented themselves and failed to provide him with the tools necessary to enact the duties of his contract with the company.

Gabus had contracted a subsidiary Eagle Manufacturing out of Webster City to make 2,500 of their Electric Motor Cars every month beginning last summer.  Eagle Manufacturing’s owner Joe Fleming says that Gabus and his company charged him $500,000 for manufacturing rights, but never provided the information or parts necessary to fulfill the terms of their contract.

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Couple to plead guilty to embezzlement and fraud

A Des Moines couple will plead guilty to charges of embezzlement and fraud, but their defense will probably be using the mental health issues  of the women in order to reduce their sentences.

The defense will be using the woman’s dissociative identity disorder and claim that it lead to the criminal behavior. The couple embezzled and spent nearly $6 million from Aviva USA. The other women will be using her bipolar disorder as the cause for her actions and the sentencing for the two women will be Jan. 21.

One woman faces a maximum of 48 years in prison plus fines of up to $1.75 million for pleading to six counts such as computer fraud, wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, and money laundering. The other woman faces 25 years of prison and fines of $750,000 for pleading guilty to 2 counts of conspiracy to money laundering and spending money that was obtained unlawfully.

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Three arrested in $103 million fraud case

Three Texas businessmen have been arrested for their alleged involvement in a $100 million fraud case.

The three men allegedly defrauded investors, many elderly people, out of millions of dollars in a fraud case that involved 800 victims in 37 states and Canada. The federal grand jury in Richmond indicted the three men on charges of mail fraud, money laundering, securities fraud and conspiracy.

The three men were principals at A&O Life Funds and other companies and they led people to believe that their investments were risk-free and they also guaranteed double-digit returns. Instead of setting the investors money aside, they used it to buy items for themselves and fund a fancy lifestyle.

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Money trading business owner charged with fraud

The owner of a money transfer business has been accused of fraud after luring in investors with fake business deals and guaranteeing monthly returns that the investors never received.

The man, who owned and operated Shidaal Express Inc., told investors that they would received $500 for every $10,000 that they invested. He also led investors to believe that he was in experienced stock trader that had being doing it for many years and that there maximum loss would be less than 20 percent of their investment. In reality, the man lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the stock market and traded his losses by paying investors.

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Iowa cracks down on identity theft and fraud

The Iowa Court of Appeals ruled that a person who uses false identification to commit a fraudulent act can be found guilty of identity theft.

This court decision was decided after a man who was an illegal immigrant used a California woman’s identification number and was caught by authorities.

The state law goes against the federal law in stating that the identification that is being used must only belong to another person and that it was being used to commit fraud. The federal law states that the person caught using the identification must know that it belongs to another person.

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Man sentenced to 27 years for financial fraud

A federal judge sentenced a man, a former manager of a kosher meat packing plant, to 27 years in prison for financial fraud and illegal immigration charges.

The raid of the man’s Postville plant lead to immigration charges and bankruptcy of Agriprocessors, deportation of many illegal immigrants. The man was charged with 86 counts of financial fraud revolving around a mishandled loan from First Bank Business Capital of St. Louis.

The judge claimed that the man misled the bank repeatedly and ordered employees to create fake invoices and moved cash into secret accounts. The judge found that this behavior caused the bank to lose $26 million.

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Women's identity stolen by at least 10 people

A woman has had her identity stolen by at least 10 different people, possibly illegal immigrants, after taking her Social Security number.

In some cases her name was used, in other cases different names were used but her Social Security number was used. The women has been caught up in identity theft, a crime that happened to 11 million victims in 2009.

Thieves can get your information Social Security numbers, credit or debit cards. The woman thinks that her identity was stolen after she lost her purse.

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Former bank employee charged with fraud in Iowa

A former Sac City Bank employee pleaded guilty to defrauding customers and has been sentenced to up to seven years in prison and was ordered to pay more than $4 million and restitution.

The 49-year-old employee was sentenced on June 1, 2010 after pleading guilty to wire fraud, money laundering, identity theft, making false bank statements and records last July.

Records show that the employee sold more than 40 fraudulent bank deposits to victims between 1995 to 2009. The woman also admitted to opening back accounts using the information from deceased bank customers.

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Franchisee fraud in franchise agreements

Many large and successful companies generate their profits through a franchise organizational structure. This structure typically includes agreements between a larger corporate entity and smaller franchisees. 

This arrangement is most typically found in fast-food chains, where the corporate entity manages the restaurants brand and centralized functions while franchisees manage the day-to-day operations of the business. 

To ensure that franchisees maintain the image of the brand and generate earnings for the larger company, they are often required to sign a franchise agreement. This agreement typically outlines certain provisions such as the business setup and the revenue-sharing plan. 

Fraud can occur in these arrangements if the franchisee illegally breaks one of the agreement's provisions. For instance, if the franchisee underrerpots earnings in order to keep more earnings for himself or herself, then the franchisee has committed a contract fraud. 

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The pitfalls of healthcare fraud

Many businesses offer their employees a healthcare option. This option allows employees and employers to co-sponor healthcare plans, which takes some of the cost burden off of employees.

Employee healthcare, however, is one of the most common sources of healthcare fraud. It is generally defined as any deceptive act that attempts to gain a healthcare benefit. These acts could include lying about one's health or abusing plan priveleges. 

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