Lawsuits Filed Over Sony Data Breach

More than 25 breach of contract lawsuits have been filed against Sony Corp. after a recent data breach.

According to Westlaw legal database, at least 25 lawsuits have been filed against Sony in the U.S. over the theft of user data from the PlayStation game network. The lawsuits accuse Sony of negligence and breach of contract for allowing the personal data of more than 100 million users to be compromised and stolen.

Sony has been criticized for not telling customers quickly enough that their personal data had been compromised last month. The company said it is possible that whoever broke into Sony’s system stole about 12.3 million credit card numbers.

The company has apologized to its customers. A Sony representative declined to comment on the lawsuits.

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Des Moines’ Principle Financial Group sues for trademark infringement

Des Moines-based Principle Financial Group is suing Las Vegas-based Principle Financial Resources for trademark infringement.  Executives from Principle Financial Resources told reporters that they had never heard of the Des Moines insurance group.

Principle Financial Group was formed in 1985 from Bankers Life.  The company went public in 2001, operates in several countries and has around 14,400 employees.  Principle Financial Resources was named in 2009 after being under the accounting firm Deloitte & Touche from 1994-1998.  The company works to help its clients reduce expenses by analyzing their financial data and has about 125 employees.

In the lawsuit, Principle Financial Group says that they have invested close to $1 billion in advertising, marketing and trademarking to protect their title.

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What is business litigation?

Business litigation occurs when a business dispute arises and it can not be resolved through negotiation. Business litigation occurs when a person or business entity has a legal issue with another business entity.

Infringement on a patent, intellectual property, and copyright are all examples of a situation where business litigation may be needed. Concerns with finances, such as unethical broker behavior,  and investments are also legal issues that arise that can be very complicated to work through.

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