Judge Dismisses Most of Tennessee Mosque Construction Lawsuit

A judge has thrown out most of a lawsuit seeking to halt the construction of a mosque on the outskirts of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

According to court documents, Chancellor Robert Corlew III ruled this week that 17 plaintiffs challenging soning approval for construction of a new Islamic Center of Murfreesboror failed to prove they are being harmed by the project. The lawsuit was filed in September and claimed the plaintiffs had “been and will be irreparably harmed by the risk of terrorism generated by proselytizing for Islam and teaching the practices of Sharia law.”

Corlew dismissed most of the lawsuit this week, saying the plaintiffs have “not demonstrated a loss different from that which is common to all citizens of Rutherford County.” The only part of the lawsuit that remains is the question of whether the Rutherford County Regional Planning Commission gave adequate notice before approving the mosque’s site plan. County officials advertised the meeting in the Murfreesboro Post, a free weekly newspaper that plaintiffs claim does not meet qualifications for a “newspaper of general circulation.”

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Judge approves of Chicago construction company's contract

This week, an Iowa judge approved a construction contract presented by a Chicago construction company for the building of a new maximum-security prison to be build outside of Fort Madison.  The judge upheld a previous decision from the state to allow a $116.9 million contract with Walsh Construction.

Walsh Construction’s contract came under question from an Des Moines construction company, the Weitz Co., and a construction trade company, Master Builders of Iowa.  The two companies accused Walsh Construction of turning in incorrect bidding forms when establishing its contract.

Officials have not said whether or not the Iowa construction companies will once again appeal the decision.  Construction on the prison is currently scheduled to end in the summer of 2013.

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How to structure a business construction contract

Almost all businesses hire construction firms at some point. These construction firms often build new office buildings or make renovations to existing ones.

To control the costs, many businesses are advised to structure their contracts with certain provisions. These provisions could include gross maximums, fee limits, and overrun cost limits. Deciding which provisions are best often depends on the type of construction project. 

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