Amcor to buy plastic packaging company

Amcor Ltd., an Australia-based company is planning to buy a plastic packaging company, Ball Corp, for $280 million.

Ball Corp. is a Colorado-based company that supplies metal and plastic packaging. The business contract is expected to close during the third quarter of 2010. Amcor is hoping that the purchase will help to operating efficiency.

The sale price includes $265 million cash and $15 million contingent consideration. The deal includes inquiring five business plants that employ nearly 1,000 people. The plants manufacture polyethylene terephthalate bottles as well as other related assets.

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What is a best efforts clause?

In business contracts, clients often want their hired firms to treat them like a top priority. This generally means employing the necessary resources for a job.

Ensuring that hired firms will treat clients as top priorities, however, is legally difficult. That being said, clients can insert a best efforts clause in their business contracts to guarantee that no matter what happens the hired firm will employ the necessary resources for a project. 

While it is often difficult to bring a case to court based solely on the best efforts clause, it can still act as an extra layer of legal protection in a business contract. 

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