TV Contract Dispute May Leave Some Iowans Without Programming

A contract dispute between Mediacom Communications and Sinclair Broadcast Company may result in the disruption of service for many Iowans. Unless the dispute is resolved, some viewers may be unable to watch the January 5th telecast of Iowa versus Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl, as well as popular programs like “American Idol” and “24” on Fox.

Sources claim that the companies are battling over how much Mediacom should pay Sinclair to broadcast the group’s channels. Public officials in Iowa have asked the FCC to intervene to prevent a disruption in service.

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The hidden details of an employee contract

When seeking employment, it is important to understand the details and terms of your contract. While some employees do not read through their contract and consider its implications, this lack of understanding could be detrimental to their future employment.

Not only do employee contracts lay out the terms, requirements, and compensation details of employment, they contain many legal details about the industry, the company, and that person’s job.

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