How do Stark laws affect your health care coverage?

Stark laws include three separate provisions that govern physician self-referral. These three provisions were passed over time and parts of each are still in place today. 

Physician self-referral occurs when physicians refer patients to medical facilities where they have a financial interest. For instance, if a knee surgeon refers a patient to a facility where the knee surgeon is a part owner, then this would be a case of phsyician self-referral. 

Physician self-referral is not outlawed in all cases. However, it is highly restricted for Medicare and Medicaid patients according to Stark laws. Many opponents of these laws believe that they interfere harmfully with the medical practice.

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How will changes in health care affect your coverage?

As Congress seems to be wrapping up health care legislation, health care could change for a number of people. Under the new federal rules, many public and private policies will likely be amended.

The public plans like Medicare and Medicaid will likely be available for more individuals. On the other hand, the cost structure and provisions of private plans could also be affected by the health care legislation. 

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