Iowa and Illinois health systems to affiliate

Des Moines-based Iowa Health System and Peoria, Illinois-based Methodist Health Services Corp. recently entered into an agreement to form a strategic partnership.  The two currently have a non-binding letter of intent to form the partnership.

After due diligence and other subsequent processes have been completed, Methodist Health Services Corp. will become the 8th senior affiliate under Iowa Health System.

IHS officials said that they became interested in Methodist Health because they feel that they share a similar vision and values and are passionate about providing quality healthcare.  IHS uses a decentralized control system that will keep Methodist Health with its own local board of directors.

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House File 111 approved in House

Last week, the Iowa House of Representatives approved bill House File 111 and effectively made Iowa residents able to ignore the federal government’s healthcare insurance mandates.  One representative that voted for the bill, Lance Horbach, stated, “This bill deals with the federal government impeding upon states rights and individuals rights.  We have the ability, the sovereign ability in the state of Iowa and as legislators representing the people to make that decision.”

The bill would allow Iowans to opt out of the federal healthcare that goes into effect in 2014.  Proponents of the bill say that those who opt out will be covered by a law that prevents healthcare insurance companies from denying coverage.  House File 111 passed with a 59 to 39 vote and will now be considered in the Senate.

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How does the new health care law affect Iowa businesses?

On March 23, President Obama signed the new health care bill into law. The new law is voluminous and contains many complicated provisions that could affect Iowa businesses.

Some of these provisions require some Iowa businesses to give their employees a healthcare option.  Other provisions may give some businesses tax savings for implementing health care plans. In many cases, the provisions of the health care law will be phased in over the next 10 years.

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