Gov. Culver creates energy consulting firm

Former Iowa Governor Chet Culver recently announced the formation of an energy consulting group called “Chet Culver Group.”  Culver has described the business’s main functions as providing energy management consulting to individuals, private companies, and public entities.  Specifically, Culver statde that he hopes Chet Culver Group will be able to help small business and farms develop a less expensive way to implement and take advantage of renewable energy.

The group already has its first client, a small wind turbine producer in Austin, Texas called Viryd Technologies.  In addition, Culver is expected to introduce partners to the business.  In addition to focusing efforts on marketing, small businesses, and public policy, Culver plans to use the group for advocacy of renewable energy.

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Several new businesses open in Indianola

According to the DesMoines register, several new businesses recently opened in Indianola.  The most notable business formation was Poindexter Flooring’s move into the former Homes Chevrolet car dealership located just north of Indianola.  Poindexter Flooring executives describe the company as a “full service commercial flooring contractor”.  The new location allows the business’ office and warehouse to be in the same place.

Other new businesses in the Indianola area included a Casey’s General store, several salons and spas, and a weight loss studio.  Several hair stylists and cosmetologists came together to form their own salons including Tossled Salon, One-Eightly Salon and Spa and N.Y.U.T. Clothing and Salon.  The weight loss studio, Affordable Elegance, is an individually owned business that uses an infared sauna and toning tables to facilitate weight loss.

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