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On a construction job, many products and pieces of equipment come with a warranty. A warranty promises that a product will work as advertised, and a warranty can come from either the distributor or from the manufacturer of a product. Unfortunately, some providers give warranties they know are untrue, while some try to avoid meeting their obligations under the terms of the warranty when a product fails. These deceptive and disingenuous practices by warranty providers may make them liable for breach of warranty.

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Breach of Warranty on Construction Sites

A lot of materials and machinery go into a construction project. When something fails to work properly, it can slow progress and derail schedules. Warranties help protect you from these problems, so a breach of warranty is a serious offense that can cost you both time and money. The following kinds of construction items may come with manufacturer or seller warranties:

  • Construction machinery
  • Construction material
  • Construction equipment

Laws at the federal and state levels protect consumers against breach of warranty. If you used a product on a construction job that did not perform according to its warranty and the warranty provider failed to provide the appropriate compensation, you may have a case for breach of warranty.

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If your construction project has been affected by a breach of warranty, it is important for you to fight to hold the responsible party accountable. To speak with our Des Moines breach of warranty attorneys about your options, contact LaMarca Law Group, P.C., today at (877) 327-2600.

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